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You’re a worthwhile person in more ways than a million!

The most recent update of my new revisions, You’re a Worthwhile Person in More Ways than a Million! A Fitting Tribute to all First Time Responders and Health care Professionals and essential workers, serving with the willingness to save lives from Global Pandemic.
Simeon Johnson Book Ministry

A myopic life resonated from the brink of the abyss

Simeon Johnson’s life has been transformed from a myopic life resonated to a vanguard of change life! Born in Jamaica, the youngest of thirteen children, SIMEON JOHNSON overcame much hardship. As a young child he witnessed his mother’s death; as a teenager, he endured myriad hardships and even came to the brink of suicide. Who, then would have said God blessed Simeon? Yet now he has returned to testify to the world and the testimony of the Cross. In his book A Myopic Life Resonated From the Brink of the Abyss, he describes his miraculous transformation.
Simeon Johnson Book Ministry

Romw versus Ramb reveals God, Adam and Creation

The declaration of Creation begins with “In the beginning” and end with “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

  • What this book has to offer and why everyone should read this book
  • It’s inspirational contents are thought-provoking!
  • It will broaden horizons and increase overall knowledge!
  • It’s a therapeutic formula for the inquiring minds
  • It also shows God’s sense of humor at the folly of sinful man.
Simeon Johnson Book Ministry

Unforgettable tribute to healthcare professionals, dealing with grief, and global pandemic!

We will never forget the pain & loss of past and present experiences. In a time of depression, grief, and loss. We give tributes to The First Responders and all essential workers for their invaluable service and tireless dedication to the public at large, saving lives and offering grief counseling to grieving families and loved ones so in need of support system…