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Simeon Johnson's life has been transformed from a myopic life resonated to a vanguard of change life!

Born in Jamaica, the youngest of thirteen children, SIMEON JOHNSON overcame much hardship. As a young child, he witnessed his mother’s death; as a teenager, he endured myriad hardships and even came to the brink of suicide. Who, then would have said God blessed Simeon? Yet now he has returned to testify to the world and the testimony of the Cross. In his book A Myopic Life Resonated From the Brink of the Abyss, he describes his miraculous transformation.

Moving in the right direction, and God is leading the way!

The world is experiencing the recrudescence of COVID-19

And what the future holds and the continual Eb-and flow of human misery, but the One who has the tomorrow is the One who holds my hand! We hear little or no reference to the Omniscient knowledge of the Creator who has the panacea for all ills; far exceeds the esoteric and finite minds of a mere mortal!

Luke Chapter 21:
Matthew Chapter 24, and the Book of Revelation KJV, remind us of the prophetic events of what’s happening!

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-Simeon W. Johnson


Simeon Johnson Book Ministry